Creditor Representation

Meyer & Kerschner, Ltd.'s history and core competency lies in the representation of creditors and community-based financial institutions. Over the years, our firm has successfully partnered with some of Ohio's leading community banks and credit unions by providing efficient solutions to everyday and unique situations. While we pride ourselves on our cumulative experience and history, we believe it is our thoroughness, aptitude, and availability to our clients, from partner to staff professional, which truly distinguishes our firm.

Like our community-based clients, Meyer & Kerschner, Ltd. believes that personal interaction founded on principles of honesty, ability, and client service, form the basis for long-lasting, productive relationships.

Creditor Representation

Real Estate Default

The attorneys of Meyer & Kerschner, Ltd. daily counsel and advise our creditor clients concerning the litigation of debt secured by real property. Our firm has successfully litigated the gamut of debts secured by real property, from residential p… Read More

Personal Property Default

Meyer & Kerschner has a wealth of experience resolving non-performing debt secured in whole or part by personal property. We are able to assist and advise our creditor clients through the resolution of consumer debt default, including the pitfall… Read More


Burdensome to the world of consumer lending is obtaining possession of collateral after default. Too often, debtors abscond with or conceal automobiles, ATVs, and boats. Through the replevin process and our internal systems for locating hidden collat… Read More


The attorneys and staff of Meyer & Kerschner, Ltd. have significant experience in the representation of creditors in both consumer and commercial bankruptcies. Our firm has the expertise to protect and assist creditors during the simplest of indi… Read More

Creditor's Estate Litigation

Meyer & Kerschner has established itself as a leader in the practice area of creditor’s rights related to estates. All too often, creditors relinquish their rights and ability to recover from solvent estates. Our firm routinely preserves cr… Read More

Post-Judgment Litigation

Should a debt be resolved through litigation, Meyer & Kerschner, Ltd. realizes that judgment is only the beginning of a creditor’s path to recovery. We are able to advise and guide our creditor clients through all avenues of judgment enforc… Read More

Non-Judicial Default Resolution

Our firm is ever-cognizant of the cost, in financial and non-financial senses, when enforcing a creditor’s legal rights through litigation. Our firm often advises our clients to pursue non-judicial remedies, such as deeds in lieu of foreclosure… Read More

Asset & Security Representation

In addition to our experience in enforcing debt obligations, the attorneys of Meyer & Kerschner, Ltd. assist our creditor clients by providing advice concerning the protection of their debt and collateral-based assets. Our firm’s attorneys… Read More